How to choose massage oil

A massage craft inspires the human body during the winter cold, summer heat, spring flowering and autumn melancholy. But for a magical massage there are few professional hands; massage oils are also required.

Oils for massage play the role of lubricants for smooth gliding and can be a healing supplement to a massage session. Massage oils are created on the basis of basic and additional active additives. They are conducive to softening, moisturizing and warming the skin. They are used as anti-cellulite fighters and nutritional activists.

Massage base oils should be absorbed gradually, allowing the professional’s hands not to get stuck on dry skin. But, if mineral oil spreads over the body, then this also prevents massage movements. Natural ingredients always defeat artificial substitutes. By purchasing massage oils on a natural basis, the client makes the most correct and safe choice. Going for a general wellness massage, put Parashute coconut oil in your purse. It is suitable for massage of all areas of the body, for the back, arms and legs. Try the effect of each new remedy on a small area of ​​skin. For the test, get probes that hold just 20 ml.

If your goal is not only the prophylactic use of massage, but also the anti-cellulite effect, then pay attention to massage oils such as Weleda Cellulite Birch Oil and Algologie Neutral Massage Oil massage oil. Massage oils enhance lactation and prevent stretch marks after childbirth. For such purposes, oil is recommended for improving Weleda lactation and for the prevention of Weleda stretch marks. Massage oils should be selected specifically, focusing on the sensitivity of the skin of each individual client, on his desires and goals of the massage session.