How to clean your stomach at home

It is no secret that for many women, the problem area is the abdomen. It would seem that the figure is good and there is practically no excess weight – but the tummy still protrudes. Or lose weight, lost weight, and the stomach “hangs.”

Or after childbirth, this part of the body is in trouble – I want to quickly return to normal, and the stomach stubborn and does not disappear. This is because here our prudent organism makes “reserves” in case of starvation or cold – such is our physiology. Girls, in this case, anti-cellulite massage will help you – first it warms up the skin cells, which begin to better pass oxygen into the body. Then the heat reaches the muscles – moreover, saturated with oxygen and warmed up, they consume more calories and contract faster, burning fat cells between the skin and muscles. As a rule, it is because of these cells that your stomach is visible.

So, what types of massage can you do at home? Among popular types, pinch massage, water, honey and vacuum (also called canned) massages are distinguished. Regardless of which type you choose, remember – in no case should you arrange yourself a massage session on a full stomach, do all movements clockwise and most importantly – listen carefully to your body and avoid painful sensations: pain does not mean quick goal achievement.

Let’s start with a pinch massage – as its name implies, it is performed with tweezers. Sit comfortably, apply massage oil or anti-cellulite cream, and begin to gently “pinch” your stomach. First, just do soft, soft skin grabs, but gradually increase pressure and speed. This massage smoothes the skin, “shakes” fat cells and helps prevent stretch marks. Water massage, you guessed it, is done using water. It is very simple – you need to move a stream of water through your stomach under pressure; start with cool water, and then try changing both its temperature and pressure. You will see, several weeks of such procedures and your tummy will be impossible to recognize!

Honey massage helps to renew the skin and cleanse of toxins – there is only one condition: honey must be real! To do this, put a little honey on your palm (it can be mixed with the essential oils you have chosen), rub it between your palms, and then start gently patting the seed on the stomach. At first, this procedure will be easy, but after a few minutes the skin will stick more and more to the palms of our hands – as a result, our muscles warm up and fat cells begin to burn.

Well, the most effective is vacuum, or can massage. Everyone remembers how they put banks in their childhood? Here is the same method, but you need to put them on your stomach: before starting the procedure, be sure to cleanse the skin, you can additionally use essential oils (for example, grapefruit). After fastening the cans, begin to move them both in a circle and in a zigzag fashion. At first there will be pain, sometimes even small bruises can appear, but do not be alarmed – as soon as your skin gets used to such a procedure, all these phenomena will disappear and the effect will remain.

Despite the fact that massage procedures can be carried out at home, remember – no one will do better than a professional massage therapist who, thanks to his many years of experience, will choose an individual type of massage specifically for your tummy, returning you beauty and saving you from the effects of stress.