Mallorca property information

Only when you have the chance to spend more time in Mallorca, when buying a house, or when renting for a long time, you will find that Mallorca has more to offer than the obvious beautiful place and the sun. Mallorca’s nature is a mixture of mountains, sea, valleys, narrow coves with crystal water, wide and longest beaches in Europe, underground lakes with unforgettable citrus orchards and blooming almond.

Mallorca is quite contrasting: the cosmopolitan atmosphere here is truly cosmopolitan – in the capital Palma and in the wealthy suburban areas like Portals and Son Vida, as well as quiet and secluded places in the Tramuntana mountains, or ancient estates in the valleys of Mallorca. It is not for nothing that many British and German citizens have found Mallorca as the ideal place to buy a property and move here with their business, or just buy a property in Mallorca for an old age in a beautiful corner of Europe.  

Mallorca is also a chance to overcome the language barrier, Mallorca has the highest rate of foreign residents in Spain. Recently, English is also in demand in all areas, be it shops, real estate agencies, restaurants or clinics and hospitals. Bank accounts or mortgages are again available in your native language. No problem finding architects, builders, gardeners or install satellite TV, all to make your new home in Mallorca with minimum hassle. Mallorca is an excellent choice of cosmopolitan medical and dental facilities and international schools where teaching is carried out to international standards. 

Mallorca has much less crime than many cities on the Spanish mainland. Another strength of the Mallorca real estate market is its political and economic stability. Compared to many risky Eastern European markets or the south of mainland Spain, people buy real estate in Mallorca to live, not for speculation. The local political environment is focused on diversifying and modernizing the tourist offer with investments in new 4 and 5-star hotels, cultural facilities, golf courses and yacht clubs, as well as taking important steps to preserve the traditional character and environment of the island, all this contributes to improving the image of Mallorca. 

As a result, real estate in Mallorca has not suffered as much as other Mediterranean areas. If you want to explore the Mallorca real estate market then you can do so here

General information about the property market in Spain

Which property in Spain is better to choose – an apartment in a gated complex or an apartment in a residential building? Or maybe a detached villa with its own pool? A small house in a quiet place or townhouse with a common wall and one pool for several families? Either way, you can be sure that real estate in Spain is built thoughtfully for the convenience, safety and pleasure of the owners.

Choosing a region in Spain to buy property is an important and difficult task. The democratic south of the Costa Blanca or its more exclusive north? Status Costa del Sol near the famous Marbella or the climatically balanced Costa Brava in the Barcelona area near France? You should learn immediately about the many features that will help you to be sure of the right place to buy your second home in Spain. Professional companies have been working with all kinds of residential and commercial property on all the Mediterranean coasts of Spain for many years, which allows them to give qualified and, most importantly, impartial advice on buying property in each of the regions of Spain.