Massage the abdomen for weight loss. Overview of the most effective techniques.

External beauty and harmonious proportions have always been appreciated. This is confirmed by antique statues of men and women with impeccable bodies. In different historical periods, there were different ideals of appearance, but at all times the harmony of the figure was appreciated.

The exception is perhaps the pompous beauties from the paintings of Rubens. But today, the sagging stomach or hips with signs of cellulite are not held in high esteem. Moreover, such problems are encountered in rather thin and young girls. And even resorting to strict diets, it can be difficult to achieve the desired result in the waist. As a result, all parts of the body lose weight, except for the problem area. The question is, how to get rid of subcutaneous fat at the waist?

An integrated approach will be required, including a massage for losing weight in the abdomen. The procedure is not a panacea. But in combination with a balanced diet and sports, it will help to get a flat tummy much faster. The main purpose of massage is to “crush” subcutaneous fat stores. Massage also enhances blood circulation and improves metabolism, reduces stretch marks and manifestations of cellulite, promotes the removal of toxins. The procedure improves the digestive system, but you should always consider that for 2-3 hours you should refrain from eating.

Abdominal massage can and should be done at home, but to get a visible and quick result, it is better to turn to professionals. There are many modern techniques, but it is enough to master a couple of them.

Pinch massage for weight loss

The principle of execution is obvious from the name. It is done with hands moving around the stomach with tweaks, clockwise. It is necessary to capture a thick layer of skin with fat. Session time – 10-15 minutes, after which there will be a slight reddening. If the skin does not redden, then you yourself have regretted. It will be useful to supplement the plucking technique with water massage. A shower with a hydromassage nozzle installed, or a simple nozzle with very small diameter holes, is useful for it. Direct water to the problem area and shower in a clockwise direction. It is advisable to change the temperature and pressure of the water.

Honey massage

Honey massage for the abdomen is especially popular and effective. Sessions require natural honey. The technique is as follows. Hands are pre-lubricated with honey. Then, one or more of the following methods is applied: tingling, patting, pulling the palm firmly pressed and stroking with pressure.

The peculiarity of this massage is that after some time a white substance emerges – this way slags come out through the skin. Despite the epithet “honey” in the name, massage can be quite painful. The farther, the stronger the honey sticks to the skin and the harder it is to pull your hand away. But the procedure becomes more effective. After the massage, it helps to cheer up and rinse off the honey, and then a cold shower.

Can massage

Another very effective massage is a can. All you need is special jars and massage oil. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned with an alcohol solution. Oil is applied to the stomach, providing better glide. After this, the cans are fixed, capturing about one and a half cm of skin. The procedure lasts 5-10 minutes, during which the banks move on the skin. After the massage should lie down a little hiding. Do not be afraid of bruises, which often appear at first, lead over time, the skin will get used to and the capillaries will become stronger.


Remember that it is impossible to remove excess centimeters and folds of skin only with the help of massage. You must take care of nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, a massage for losing weight in the abdomen will give remarkable results. You can boast a truly seductive figure with a flat tummy!