Outdoor Light Mounting

Looks like it’s easy to plug a lamp into a socket. In fact, there are questions: how to connect the lamp, whether the power supply is needed, how to choose the cable and electrical equipment, what is an outdoor electrical panel installation etc. In order to install once and for a long time, you need to have knowledge in electrical engineering and experience in installing luminaires. Below we will tell you about the main works – so you decide what to do on your own and what to entrust to specialists.

  1. Dismantling before lighting installation. Before installing any lighting system, the workplace must be prepared. To do this, the foreman removes the old lighting fixtures and brackets, and then removes the cables and junction boxes up to the electrical panel. If required, the installation team removes the supports. Removing the cable is simple and cheap. Removing a rusted bracket is often not possible without a brick or drill, so the service is more expensive.
  2. Installation of exterior lighting fixtures. Installing lighting on the facade of the building involves working at height. It is expensive: you have to put up a tower-tour, rent a car tower or call industrial climbers. When working in the city, you need to cordon off the building so that pedestrians do not suffer from accidents.
  3. Installation of landscaped outdoor lighting fixtures. Installing lighting in a private area is an expensive process because you need to dig a trench, lay a cable and install a soldering box before each light fixture. To save money, you buy standalone luminaires that run on battery or solar energy. The luminaire must be mounted on a special ground bracket in order to hold it firmly to the natural movement of the ground.
  4. Installation of street lighting. Before installing street lights, you should study the project, which indicates the relief, lighting level, power, length of wires, number of supports. The supports are installed in drilled holes or on the base by means of a flange method. The cable must be insulated – otherwise rain and snow will sooner or later cause a short circuit.
  5. Installation of lighting fixtures indoors. The service of installing internal lighting networks is relevant for apartments, offices and public premises. The method of work in the room is chosen relative to the ceiling: concrete, drywall or suspended. Suspension is divided into two popular types: Armstrong and Grillato. Concrete is more difficult to work with than drywall. The easiest way to put light fixtures in a suspended ceiling.

Before installation, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for the fixtures, use quality materials and tools, make sure that all connections are reliable and airtight. If you do not have time to learn how to do electrical installation, it is better to entrust the installation of lighting professionals.

Landscape lighting

Lighting plays an important role in landscape design, which is why specialized devices have been created that are resistant to temperature fluctuations and are designed for various applications. Landscape lighting came much later than the concept of landscape itself. Previously, park areas were illuminated by candle lights, followed by oil lamps. Today, with the arrival of electricity in our lives, everything has changed. Now landscape lighting is an integral part of the overall design structure of an area. After all, it is with the help of light you can emphasize the features of each created figure, paths and plants, bushes and trees.

For those who want to change or multiply the design of an existing area, we advise you to pay attention to more complex lighting systems such as ground or pendant spotlights. Their special feature is the accentuated node of light. This game of light and shadow helps to visually transform the territory.