Swimming and Slimming Massage

Swimming is considered one of the most effective sports for those who want to lose weight. It perfectly improves the tone of the whole body, tightens muscles and eliminates excess weight. In addition, swimming can be done by people for whom there are contraindications in other sports. Indications for swimming:

Sprains of ligaments, muscles and tendons Bruises Headache Pain in the lower back, neck and back

There are also a number of contraindications for swimming, such as

A variety of skin diseases Heat Bleeding or propensity for such Acute febrile manifestations All kinds of diseases of hair and nails

Swimming is good because it allows you to train various muscle groups with a relatively small probability of injury. Vulnerable in this sport are the neck, shoulder girdle and arms.

The main advantage of swimming is that it suits almost everyone. Swimming effectively burns extra pounds, relieves stress and has almost no contraindications.

The best style in terms of calorie burning is crawl. It allows you to get rid of 570 calories in just an hour. In addition, this sport is useful to everyone and does not have any side effects.

In addition, various types of swimming help to solve a whole range of problems with the figure:

Young woman swimming in freestyle

Thanks to the breaststroke, you can pump up the calf muscles and hips Crawl makes it possible to tighten the muscles of the arms and abdominals Swimming on the back is best for improving posture and getting rid of excess fat on the sides.

Massage, as an effective means of warm-up and relaxation, is used in almost all sports. And swimming is no exception. Apply massage after swimming training, and before it. In the first case, it allows the muscles to recover from the load and relaxes, and in the second – to prepare for it, improving the elasticity of the muscles and prepare them for the load. However, it is preferable to do massage after training to relieve muscle tension, relax them and prepare for the next lesson. It is also worth refraining from eating food an hour before and within an hour after massage.

If one of the main goals of visiting the pool is to lose weight, then refrain from high-calorie and fatty foods after exercise. Eating should not be earlier than thirty to forty minutes after the pool, otherwise the swimming efficiency will be much less.