The most popular trailer songs

The withering second season of the “Real Detective” left a bit of mixed impressions. In the network after each episode the perturbations of viewers who fell in love with the “detective” for the first season were heard. But what about exactly can not argue – this is the musical accompaniment of the “Real Detective”. It was and remains gorgeous, and especially – in the opening credits. For the first season’s screensaver, the soundtrack was the song of The Handsome Family, and in the second – in each of the eight episodes, different verses from Leonard Cohen’s song “Nevermind” were performed. Let’s check what other tracks in trailers were really good.

1. Nick Cave – “Red Right Hand” (“Sharp Visors”)

The crime drama “Sharp Visors” tells about the family of gangsters operating in the early 20th century. Tweed caps, intense dialogue and the music of Nick Cave. Most of the tracks of the series are performed by this legendary performer. During the opening credits, the legendary Red Right Hand plays. She also appeared on the X-Files TV series, Dumb and Dumber, and the Scream trilogy. The name Red Right Hand is borrowed from John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost and means the punishing hand of God. True, according to the lyrics of the song, this hand rather belongs not to God, but to the Devil, which is much closer to the criminal realities of the series.

2. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (“Luther”)

In the intro to the TV series “Luther”, the song Paradise Circus is played, which has become one of the most important hits of the Massive Attack group. The group appeared in 1988 and became a pioneer in the genre of trip-hop. Another song, Paradise Circus, sounded in the TV series “Garbage”, and another composition of this group Teardrop played throughout all nine seasons in the screensaver of the TV series “Doctor House”.

3. Harry Lightfoot – So Say We All

We also can’t ignore avengers lyrics here. Wonderful music with orchestra and all the needed style for such a film. It was in the trailer of the last part of Avengers that was called Endgame. But it’s not the first time when Harry Lightfoot worked on the sound for Avengers.

4. The title theme of the series “Game of Thrones”

The title theme of the series “Game of Thrones” was written by the Iranian-German composer Ramin Djavadi. His compositions also sounded in the films “Iron Man”, “The Pacific Frontier”, and “Blade”. In 2006, he received an Emmy for the introductory melody for the TV series Escape. The theme from “Game of Thrones” became very popular and covers were recorded by all and sundry: from the popular group Break of Reality to the unshakable Royal Guard of Great Britain.

5. The title theme of the TV series “Twin Peaks”

Angelo Badalamenti wrote music for more than seventy films and TV shows, most of which were shot by David Lynch. Their collaboration began with the film “Blue Velvet”, initially in the filming of which Badalamenti participated as a teacher of singing as an actress. Later, when Lynch failed to buy the rights to perform one song in this film, they decided to write their own together.

6. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross feat. Karen O. – Immigrant Song (“Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”)

We are talking about the American film adaptation of the novel by Sting Larsson, where the main roles were played by Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. In the introductory semi-abstract video, Immigrant Song is playing – a 1970 song by Led Zeppelin, recorded specifically for the film in 2011 by Trent Reznor and Karen O. Also, covers of Nirvana, Hollywood Undead were recorded for this song. Film critic from The Rolling Stones magazine Peter Travers believes that “this is the best part of the tape that promises the viewer, perhaps, too much.”

All the lyrics with music can be found here So if you heard some really good song in trailer and curious how to find it, then you can visit that website and look for it.