What audience is the online edition of L`Officiel Austria aimed at?

The era of glossy journalism demanded a new symbolic language, which has become a vivid illustration. It is interesting to consider it from a semantic-semiotic position. Illustration in a glossy magazine plays a special role, it is a visual code that builds a system of symbolic values: aesthetic, moral, social, gender, and others. The glossy magazine in a natural way, purely visually, presents to the consumer the generally accepted version of fashion, social, social and gender world and relationships in it, i.e. tells what others are expected of you in a more or less typical situation and what your actions should be. Nevertheless, illustrations, even in glossy magazines, almost always require text support: words reinforce the narrative ability of illustrations. You can check it yourself here https://www.lofficiel.at/

Articles in glossy magazines are most often devoted to a specific range of topics: fashion, design, shopping, leisure, health, hobbies, careers, interpersonal relationships.

Since different journals are devoted to different areas, respectively, the goals for which this or that material is written will also be unequal

The circle of readers in many cases is also divided according to interests, class affiliation and age. An important element of a glossy magazine is advertising. Glossy publications are very effective advertising media for the following reasons: their practicality (you can take with you everywhere), the length of reading and storage, perhaps a large number of readers per copy of the magazine, clearly defined target audience of each publication. The functional side of a glossy magazine is naturally related to the phenomenon of its appearance. Glossy magazine is a definite genre of mass culture, a product of the leisure industry, its appearance is due to the fact that due to the appearance of an excessive amount of free time, “leisure”, in a significant section of the population, people increasingly have the need to “kill time”, i.e. One of the functions of a glossy magazine is to fill in free time. In addition, you can select the entertainment function.

The glossy magazine therefore avoids serious topics, specializing only in problems whose solution does not require making complex decisions, while maintaining some intrigue throughout the story. But its main function is to relieve stress, it is a distraction of the reader from pressing problems whose solution, at the moment, is not possible. This is the most important, undoubtedly, positive function, which makes it possible to obtain the emotional discharge and recharging necessary in such cases. It is necessary to characterize the influence of glossy magazines. Estimates of psychologists can be reduced to two main positions. The first position is as follows: glossy magazines are aimed at a specific audience, in other words, they are far from being for everyone.

The target audience of the L`Officiel publication is a woman, for coordinating it is important to be aware of all fashionable events. You can find L`Officiel here http://www.lofficiel.at/. Mainly, the publication is aimed at young women about 25-49 years old, who want to always look stylish and regularly make purchases in fashion boutiques. However, this does not mean that other people can not be the audience of the magazine. Basically, of course, they are interested in women, whose age and social status may be quite different. In most cases, the publication is read by women with good prosperity. To the target audience belong precisely those women who are interested in fashion and will be happy to consider the beautiful stylish photos that this edition is famous for. Nevertheless, sometimes men can read the magazine, although in percentage terms they will be much less.