Endorphins – hormones of happiness

According to various scientific studies in different countries of the world, we can confidently say that between benefit and pleasure the majority (about 90%) will choose pleasure.

Biologists explain that the thing is hormones endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are responsible for the feeling of happiness, bliss, love for the world around us. The natural level of endorphins is very unique, as well as the amount needed for a person to feel happy. If the level of the hormone of joy is low due to physiological characteristics or due to the influence of the external environment, a person feels apathy, fatigue, nothing pleases him, physiological reactions such as headache or nausea may appear, the development of depression is likely.

There are many artificial devices that increase the level of endorphins in the blood, but do not rush to take them – you can do this in completely natural and pleasant ways. First of all, it’s a vacation. Moral rest. Watch an interesting movie or read an exciting book, put on your desktop a picture with views of those places you would like to visit.

The music you like also contributes to the production of endorphins – sit back, relax and let your perception just float along the waves of music. But it’s better not to listen to hard rock at this moment. It is perfect for playing sports, because physical activity not only strengthens our muscles, but also increases the level of the hormone of happiness. What could be better than jogging in the park, or a long swim in the pool, or just going to fitness? After all of the above, you may want to literally take off – these are all endorphins.

There may be those who scornfully say: “Ordinary sports? Wimps! Extreme recreation is best, ”and they will be right in some ways. The level of endorphins after any extreme just rolls over! This is due to the fact that endorphins and adrenaline are usually produced together, just in normal situations, adrenaline is not released in such quantities as in extreme situations.

And, of course, you can use the gifts of nature – fruits and vegetables. “Endorphins” include mustard, paprika, red currants, chili peppers, avocados and thyme. Dilute your diet regularly with these products and you will see the effect. And you can use such a simple and effortless method as massage – after intense or soothing massage movements, the blood will be saturated with oxygen, the muscles will relax and feel renewed, energy and pleasure will flow through your body – and endorphins with them.

Why do most people choose massage as a way to replenish endorphins? Yes, because in addition to pleasure, it also brings tremendous benefits to the body! It relieves stress and fatigue, is the prevention of many psychosomatic diseases, as well as depression and sleep disorders.