Hairfortin Hair Skin and Nails Supplement

Dull, brittle and weak locks are not always just a cosmetic problem. These signs may indicate a deficiency of a certain group of vitamins for hair. Hairfortin is a modern product that will help you overcome these problems.

Who is HairFortin for?

The problem of a lack of useful micronutrients can be judged by the condition of the hair. So, due to the lack of the required number of nutrients in the body they can fall out, lose their natural shine, become inelastic and dry. Probably many people think that the condition of the curls worsens only in winter, explaining it by the lack of healthy fruits and vegetables. In fact, these foods have only a fraction of the micronutrients necessary for healthy curls. Scientists have proven that animal products, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds are especially important. 

Many people don’t get enough of even these vitamins for their hair, whether from a monotonous diet or a rigid one. If you want to have luxurious, thick and strong strands, it is not enough to use only advertised shampoos and masks. In most cases, you need to deal with the problem from the inside. 

How can you fix the problem?

If your scalp is noticeably thinning, you should consider buying a special complex, such as Hairfortin, which will include vitamins for the hair, such as vitamin E and biotin. Due to the fact that these components improve circulation, curl bulbs are strengthened and get a sufficient number of nutrients. Biotin not only strengthens hair follicles and stimulates metabolism, but also protects the curls from breakage. The vitamin complex also contains antioxidants that prevent hair loss, calcium, folic acid and other natural components. 

Vitamin B5, zinc and vitamin A have an impact on the growth rate of the hair. These elements are not only responsible for regenerative processes, but also maintain the pigmentation of the hair shaft of each hair. Because of their lack, the human body may face the problem of early graying. It should be noted that vitamin B5 not only accelerates the growth of curls, but also affects their elasticity and shine. Zinc is a mandatory element, without which it is impossible to assimilate the previous component. In addition, it heals the scalp and strengthens the immune system. 

In spite of the fact that the thickness of hair is a genetic parameter, it can be slightly corrected by means of properly chosen products, which also makes it possible to become the owner of a shiny and strong hair. 

Vitamin B6 is rich in complexes designed to strengthen the hair. This component is necessary not only to maintain the beauty of the nails and curls, but also for the normal functioning of the nervous system. With a deficit of this useful element can develop seborrhea, which is known to stop the growth of healthy hair. 

Inositol can also be found in dietary supplements. This substance has a favorable effect on the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles, preventing their weakening. 

Structure of human hair

The hair is one of the parts of the external protective system of the human body. Its appearance is the result of evolutionary changes in parts of the epidermis. Hair has a complex structure and consists of several layers:

  • The cuticle, the outer layer of the hair, is formed by keratin scales cells. When hair is healthy, it is tightly attached to one another, resembling a tiled roof. When the integrity of this covering is damaged under the influence of different factors, the hair condition worsens – it becomes loose and brittle, loses its softness and shine, and becomes tangled.
  • The cortex, which consists of elongated keratin cells. It determines whether hair is strong and elastic. The cortex also contains melanin, a natural coloring agent that gives hair some color.
  • The medulla is a bone marrow-like substance, a kind of conduit for nutrients to enter the hair. It is located inside the cortex.
  • The part of the hair that is under the skin is called the hair root or bulb. It is surrounded by a sac of hair (follicle), the shape of which determines the type of hair – it can be straight, curly or wavy.

Sebaceous glands provide natural lubrication to the hair, giving the hair elasticity. Nourishment is supplied through the follicle. The lubricant also acts as an antiseptic.

Hair, like other systems of the body, needs a constant supply of nutrients. Their quality and quantity affects the overall condition of the hair. Ideally, a person should get the necessary substances, vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. However, often the diet is not balanced. Also the quality of food is influenced by the way it is processed and stored and by the environment, so even with the same amount of food its nutritional and physiological value can vary significantly. HairFortin can help you solve these problems.