Selection and purchase of handmade collection knives and saber

Knives and sabers play an important and even somewhere mystical role in the culture of any nation of the world. This is the most ancient of all the objects of our habitat, –  the knife appeared before any tools in hunting and in everyday life. And for all the time of its existence it has been overgrown with myths and legends. The sabers were used later, but they were able to become a very important element in the military’s arsenal.

A few words about saber

For many centuries, blades were used in the most real combat situations without the need for any classification. Only when the edged weapon actually disappeared from the scene, there were attempts to put all its diversity on the shelves. At the beginning of the last century, before the First World War, the simplest division of bladed weapons along their length was adopted. The shortest daggers have a length of up to 14 inches; longer daggers do not exceed 20 inches. The short and long swords were endowed with the magic of the number 28 inches. It was the last, long swords, used by the cavalry, the most powerful kind of troops before the advent of tanks. In the early periods, when sluggish cavalry prevailed in heavy armor, a two-sided straight sword which was effective against this armor  was used,. By the beginning of the era of firearms in the cavalry forces, mobility became more valuable, heavy armor became a thing of the past, and requirements for bladed weapons had changed – the need for chopping strikes was greater than for stabbing.

Therefore, from the 18th century, sabers took a firm place in the armament of the armies of that time. Handmade is a great gift for a man even now sabers What is the difference of saber from other swords? First of all, it is an asymmetric blade. Saber has a blade on the one side, although it may be partially, in the upper third of the blade, on the butt side. It can also have an additional blade.

Interesting facts about knives

Knives are often presented with pleasure: collectible for connoisseurs, hunting and tourism for lovers of active leisure, kitchenware for professionals and culinary art, tactical ones for the military and security forces. Suitable knife can be found for everyone. Many magical rituals are also associated with knives – for example, the transformation of werewolves into wild animals. In order to make a metamorphosis, they had to jump over a stump with a knife. In Central Asia, a knife and generally sharp objects are strong amulets that drive away evil and misfortune. It is very prestigious to get a knife as a gift. Art pocket knife will be a great gift for any man or even woman.

Sailors from different countries used a knife rather non-standard. When they went to sea in calm, they scratched with a knife on the mast, and from the side from which the wind waited. But why is it considered that you can not eat with a knife? They say, “you will be evil.” In fact, the explanation is quite logical – you can hurt your lip or tongue and become completely unkind because of pain.


In general, if you are looking for a useful and beautiful gift with a meaning and a rich history – pay attention to knives and sabers. A good knife will please anyone – men and women. A collection knife or a saber can be an excellent decoration for any home. It is the perfect gift for a brother, husband, boss or business partner. When you give a saber or a knife you show not only attention but also respect.