Types of massage

In the modern rhythm of life, there is a lot of fuss, we devote more time to work, and we forget about rest, we are always in motion, and this creates tension – all this leads us to the irritation and fatigue that has accumulated. Massage will help you to relax, to give full relaxation to muscles, each part of your body will be carefully worked out by skillful hands of a masseuse. You will feel a surge of strength, look at the world with other eyes and you will open a second wind. let’s talk about some kind of massage, that you can get in Paris.

Nuru massage

One of the types of massage is nuru massage paris, which originated in ancient times in Japan. The word “Nuru” is translated from Japanese as “slippery” or “smooth.” A special feature of this massage is that when it is performed, a special massage gel “Wet Nuru” is used, which has no smell and taste. It is available today in two variations. The first is original, and the second is a natural concentrate in which there are components of chamomile and aloe vera. To prolong the effect of the massage, extracts of grape seed and seaweed are added to the gel. This viscous suspension differs in that it enhances the pleasure of relaxation, helps the masseuse to immerse you not only in a sea of ​​passion, but also in bliss. This gel has no contraindications, is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for any person. The gel is not able to distort sensations, but on the contrary – it strengthens them even more. It is important to note that thanks to nori algae, this massage is healing.

Body to body massage

If you have made a choice on such type of massage as body massage, know that you will have unforgettable pleasure, since all efforts will be directed both to physical and moral satisfaction. The beauty of body massage is difficult to convey in words, since all the “magic” happens during a session with a charming girl. You will be given a soft bed, a pleasant atmosphere, subdued light accompanied by romantic music. At the beginning of the session, our master will distract you from the gray days and help you to relax with the help of a professional classic massage. Starting from the fingers of the feet – ending with the fingers of the hands, each muscle of your body will be warmed, you will feel like fatigue and tension does not bother you anymore. After the classic massage you will feel the ease, you will find the most interesting and unique. All the warmth of a girl who will perform an integral part of this massage will be provided just for you. Gentle stroking, breathing, unearthly beauty naked body and this is just the beginning. You can feel all the velvety skin when the girl with her elastic breasts gently caress your body. You will be surprised how flexible a girl can be. Before the same bliss you can not resist, your feelings will be the most acute and unforgettable.

Erotic massage

Each of us knows the benefits of massage, but not everyone is faced with an erotic massage. Since ancient times, people are studying their bodies, improving, looking for new ways to get pleasure. Today, one of these pleasures is erotic massage. The name erotic massage speaks for itself. This is the peak of bliss, secret desires embodied in reality, a storm of emotions and pleasure. You are guaranteed to get all this by ordering the “erotic massage” service in professional salon. You will get some perfect romantic atmosphere, where you will feel comfortable and not constrained, with music, the girl will slowly expose her body to you and you can enjoy the refined curves of beauties. Forgetting about reality, you will plunge into the world of fantasy and understand how many-sided the body of a young girl can be.

Royal Massage 4 hands

One girl is good – but two is much better! Nobody will argue with it. The advantage of this massage is that every part of your body will not remain deprived of touch, caress and warmth of two seductive masseuses. You will be in a pleasant confusion. It will be new and unforgettable feeling.