Summer massage on the beach. Benefit and pleasure or harm?

A time of vacation and happy idleness, well-deserved and long-awaited. With all the particles of the body you are filled with the energy of the sun. And do not order a massage, you think. This is useful anyway. Or not? Where and when and to whom is it better to entrust your tanned body?

We answer, reason and suggest.

Seriously, massage is not a variety or an assortment of leisure activities that comes with a bonus to the fifth cocktail. This is primarily physiotherapy, of a medical nature. And therefore, for massage on the beach there are certain rules and recommendations.

1. Trust, but verify.

Ask the massage therapist for a certificate or certificate that he has the appropriate qualifications.

2. Massage should be performed at certain hours.

When the sun is less active. The time interval is from 6 to 11 in the morning and from 16 to 20 hours.

3. The place must be specialized.

The most important thing is the awning, which protects from direct sunlight. And of course, the most comfortable couch (massage table). If you think that pebbles and sand is a harmless peeling, then get ready for traumatic and painful sensations.

4. The masseur should monitor hygiene.

Wash hands before and after massage and provide disposable products for each client.

5. For tanned skin, massage mixtures and oils will help.

The ideal choice is hypoallergenic oils: from grape seed, wheat germ, olive, chamomile. Do not use essential aroma oils.

6. Do not lie down on the massage table after eating or having a snack.

The interval between meals and massage is -2 hours.

7. Massage on the beach most often refers to the relaxation procedure.

Therefore, this is a minimum of techniques for massage techniques, as well as a limited time – up to 20 minutes. Muscle development and therapeutic lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite techniques – transfer to the massage therapist’s office.

8. Massage after overheating in the sun or hypothermia is not recommended.

You must be physically and psychologically tuned to get a charge of health and pleasure!