Causes of cellulite and ways to deal with it

Cellulite is a common occurrence of our time. It is an accumulation of fat under the skin, manifested in the form of bumps and bumps. It is often called an “orange peel,” since the skin in cellulite is like an orange.

We all know that cellulite more often bothers girls than boys. This phenomenon can be explained on the basis of the structure of the body. The male body is different in that the fat cells in it are located horizontally and are not so close to the skin. As for women, their fat cells are arranged vertically. In addition, they are much closer to the skin, which is why they are more noticeable than the representatives of the stronger sex.

Cellulite often occurs during pregnancy. This is understandable with the help of hormones. During pregnancy, the body is subject to hormonal surges and downturns, forcing the body to store fats, which becomes the cause of cellulite. In addition, cellulite is often observed in thin people. The fact is that our genes do not influence the formation of cellulite. We all have different levels of fat burning, which depends largely on our parents. If a low intensity of fat burning, along with various bad habits, is genetically transmitted, then an “orange peel” will certainly appear.

There are other causes of cellulite. In particular, this phenomenon is noticeable in older women. It is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, sedentary work is common today, which causes the accumulation of fat cells and cellulite. Another reason for the “orange peel” is stress, since it malfunctions in various processes, in particular digestion and blood circulation. This leads to the accumulation of fat in the navel, under the ribs and even on the back of the head.

Another factor leading to the appearance of cellulite is unhealthy habits. The intake of alcohol and nicotine in the body causes a slowdown in the removal of toxins and toxins, which contributes to the appearance of a characteristic “crust”. To get rid of it, various means are used. In particular, a proper diet, exercise can help. Another great tool is massage, because it helps to normalize blood flow and the process of splitting fats. Many women also prefer to use cellulite wraps, as this procedure perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin.