Mass contraindications

Sure, massage is very, very helpful. This is the treatment and prevention of many diseases, and a way to maintain a toned figure, a guarantee of well-being and an excellent way of relaxation.

But you should remember a number of contraindications to it. Be sure to consult a doctor before going to the masseur, because it may be that your body specifically requires an individual approach to back or leg massage, and you did not even suspect about it.

But in addition to individual characteristics, there are a number of general contraindications for massage, which we will tell you about. So, first of all, these are skin diseases. Even the slightest cuts after a warming massage can begin to bleed, to say nothing of blisters and other skin irritations. Swelling and bruising can cause very painful sensations during the session, but such dangerous infectious diseases as ringworm, eczema, impetigo, scabies or herpes can infect not only the massage therapist, but also his subsequent clients. If you have at least one of these symptoms, it is better to postpone the massage until your full recovery.

Also, a special category of contraindications are: bone disease, which increase their fragility and destructibility; deviations or violations of the ridge; osteoporosis, etc. Each slightest incorrect pressing can provoke further development of the disease, therefore, we again emphasize the need for medical advice, as well as the choice of a professional massage therapist.

Circulatory problems can also cause many unpleasant minutes – watch your condition during the session and be sure to tell the massage therapist about the slightest discomfort; Well, with thrombosis, try to avoid a massage table, or practice in the presence of a doctor.

With cancer, massage sessions are very dangerous; but if a doctor directs you to them (and there are such cases), be sure to tell your masseur about your condition and illness.

If you decide to give a present to your elderly relatives or young children, be sure to ask them so that they do not suffer any pain. When they appear, it is important to inform the masseur – he will either change the type of massage method and pressure force, or provide assistance (if necessary). Remember that massage is primarily aimed at improving your body, so do not be surprised at the questions of the massage therapist about past illnesses or old injuries. All his questions are aimed at identifying individual characteristics in order to turn a regular massage into a fairy tale for your body.