Shiatsu miracle massage: relaxation, youth, relaxation

The strength of its effect is comparable to shiatsu magic, ridding the body of many diseases, restoring its protective forces and energy balance. This type of massage originated in Japan from traditional Amma techniques, and every year it is gaining popularity among fans of manual therapy around the world.

The Japanese words “pressure” and “thumb” are hidden in the name of shiatsu, which explains the technology of this therapy. Shiatsu is a fairly young direction, however, he is more than half a century old. The inventor of this type of massage is Tokujiro Namikoshi, and the first to experience the miraculous effect was his mother, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years.

Then, a 7-year-old boy did not even suspect that the technology he created would give a chance for recovery to many people, not only in his native Japan, but also far beyond its borders. Among the celebrities who once resorted to the services of Namikoshi were athletes (for example, Muhammad Ali), politicians up to the prime ministers, actors and actresses such as Marilyn Monroe.

The healing effect of shiatsu

What is the appeal of this massage? What goals can he solve and what diseases is he fighting? Experts note that thanks to the effects of shiatsu, health improves, the body itself restores its protective functions and as if rejuvenated. Without resorting to medications, patients get rid of migraines, from unpleasant sensations in the back and muscle clamps. The procedures relieve stress and normalize pressure, improve the condition of the skin, relieve toothache and much more.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, massage can be recommended as a prophylactic for scoliosis, lower back pain, diseases of the respiratory organs and gastrointestinal tract, with depression, chronic fatigue, insomnia and neuralgia. From the contraindications to the procedure: damaged organs and muscles, chronic exacerbated diseases, violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of exposure and some vascular diseases in which pressure is prohibited due to the threat of hematomas.

Features of Shiatsu massage

It is worth noting that a lasting lasting effect is achieved in several procedures, with a half-hour duration of each session. Since for each disease it is important to act on specific biological points of the body, the first thing the patient should clarify his diagnosis. Next, an individual scheme of shiatsu procedures is compiled.

The most active biological points of our body are located in places with a distinct pulse, in joints and intermuscular fibers, and also along tendons. All manipulations with them are aimed at restoring the body’s defenses and are similar to acupuncture procedures. For several minutes, the therapist massages the acupuncture points of the affected area with the fingers. Sometimes elbows or knees are also involved.